Gelase was born in the Republic of Congo. From Pointe Noire to Seville, the route is amazing. Only music is able to trace the thread of all his adventures. It always accompanied him, and it is what he lives for and has lived for from the beginning, that is to say when he was 6 years old and he began to take private lessons in Pointe Noire.

In Seville, he studied at the Francisco Guerrero Professional Music Conservatory, and he has worked with various styles: Jazz, blues (the Jazz Corner of Seville), classical, gospel, soul, funk, reggae - all the music that has a heart. He knows how to play many instruments: trumpet, guitar, piano, likembe, and of course he always lets his voice be heard!

His many group experiences and also his work as a soloist have helped him to develop a style and a very specific orientation towards his music: warm and rhythmic, sweet and fresh.

Compositions such as "Freedom", "Kameno", "I believe in you", "Canción Para África" or "Pour que je vive" in this sense are representative of the talent and the mixture of cultures that Gelase has in his background and that he shares so well with his audience.


From Congo, I started as a cabaret singer attracted to groove in all its glory interpreting legends as Louis Armstrong, Otis Redding, Marvin Gay, James Brown, Ray Charles, Beatles, Bob Marley, the French variety etc. Later, musicians like Fela Kuti, from Nigeria, Manu Dibango, Richard Bona, Etienne Mbappé from Cameroon, Lokua Kanza from Congo Kinshasa and Rido Bayonne from Congo Brazzaville became models of Afro Jazz and remains references for me.

Tell the story of the my long journey with all its routes from Congo Brazzaville to Spain will entail to write a great book, and without any doubt many people will like more his adventures as illegal immigrant without papers for having lived experiences inexplicable and incredible especially during the cross of the Sahara desert on the one hand and the Mediterranean Sea on the other hand.

"In the desert I learned and experimented my interior strength sometimes forsaken and lost away, starving and thirsty as ever, I managed to find a lot of strength by making use of the most Profound silence of my deep inside in order to find peace , confidence, trust and survive, dominating my physical weakness, fears and doubts. When one is sure of his conviction, it is difficult to abandon its ideal because, happiness does not come from outside, it’s something inside, no matter the trials.”

I consider myself as a special person by my personal history as a person and as an artist, my voice and songs, singing from my own experience.

I’m a hard worker with good skills, positive and always have clear ideas for what he seeks. Like many young Africans, I left my country, Congo in 1998 in search of a better life. I crossed all those countries of West Africa, crossed the desert of Sahara to Algeria. Years after I managed to cross the border to get to Morocco until I got to Spain without any identification document 10 years later.

From Seville I studied Spanish and was able to speak it fluently within three months. I achieved with an entrance test in the professional conservatory of music of Seville, Francisco Guerrero realizing the four years of elementary level in one year and went into the professional grade being the student number one of the guitar’s subject. I took some classical with Lola Montes, (Head Guitar professor of the Conservatory Francisco Guerrero of Seville). I also had some private jazz class masters as Trumpeter for 3 years and took a few years of piano lessons.

I performed as a talented independent singer songwriter and led great musician’s band with a big original music project, performing his own compositions, as well as recording his First album “Freedom” as auto producer.

Now as a Spanish citizen, I’m living between Spain and United Kingdom this beautiful multi-cultural country with the hope to meet more interesting people and exhibit my art in the United Kingdom.