Concert presentation

Rit-KUM comes from latin “rhythmus “,which means rhythm, and the Congolese “kumu”, which means voice.

Rit-Kum is a cultural mixture, a fusion which , starting from the its sounds, invites you to create . It is a celebration of pure energy and life for the community.

A way to create a communal space in which to communicate through music and dance. It is a spectacle of Afro-fusion, Afro-rock and Afro-b eat in different languages: African, English, Spanish, and French.

It is a concert of an hour and half whose richness comes from the experience of Gelase KIM and the professionalism of the musicians who accompany him. Rit-KUM is a high-quality melodic experience which connects tradition and innovation, mixture and purity.

Create a show where we have a good time and forget about our daily worries and about always being in a hurry.
Make music which is diversified, aline and fun, reaching out to people and bringing passion, pleasure, curiosity and discovery.
Give new life through music, leadingto joy with rhythm and sound. We believe that music is a cultural benefit that we should all have the chance to enjoy.
Participarte in festivals and national and international forums.

We use musical fusion because it is the music of diversity which everyone can identify with . Through sound, rhythm, instruments, etc. we can overcome our limitations and go beyond the cultural boundaries which can restrict us and make us more indifferent, deaf, blind and ignorant.


Endless paths cross Africa .Gelase KIM with his steps, his voice and his hope is creating his path from the Congo to the south of Europe. On our path we develop a new language with new tones, a voice permeated with the experience of the multitude of voices that have accompanied us, that still acompany us, each one with its history, its own path, its own voice.

Gelase KIM brings together in his music that multitude of voices to which he has decided to be a witness. This responsibility takes him beyond his music. He has accepted an ethical imperative that , from joy and hope, represents a commitment which gives a deep human meaning to his artistic

The human qualities and musical heritage of Gelase KIM are embellished with the spirit of diversity, with the love of the musical paths he has walked along. His musical culture and his continual growth as a musician are signs of a dynamic, enterprising creator, a musician who doesn’t fear challenges and who passionately wants to communicate with others through his rhythms and melodies.


His musical culture and the strength of his voice carry deep and vivid traditions from different lands, different languages and different voices, like the great Congo River which is nurtured by hundreds of tributaries.

His voice and his music are a pulse that leads to an art of contact of one heart to another. In his work we find lines of tradtional Congolese music mixed with styles such Afro Rock, Afro Blues, Afro Jazz etc....During his travels through Africa, Gelase KIM has increased his musical vocabulary participating in different festivals in the Congo, Morocco, Costa de Marfil, Algeria and Senegal. In Seville he has studied in the “Francisco Guerrero” Music Conservatory and in private classes.

In June, 2014 Gelase KIM presented his record “Libertad” which has 12 of his songs which have roots in Afro Rock, Afro Blues, Afro Jazz.

Gelase KIM a musician for the future but also with a solid , well-developed background , all the important qualit ies of his profession, as well as joy and constant curiosity. His voice reveals his talent, his strength and his personal history.

The band:
The band is a quartet, composed of 4 professional musicians with deep knowledge of musical styles such as Afro Blues, Afro- Jazz, Rock, Soul, Flamenco, etc.

Gelase KIM (Lead voice, acoustic guitar and trumpet),
Enrique Mengual (Bass),
Alejandro Cruz Benavides(piano),
Dany Moreno (Drums, Percussion instruments)
Important note: If necessary, the band can be reduced as a trio .

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